Make OUR team YOUR team

benjamin vierck, CEO

A Deep Learning pioneer on a mission to accelerate humanity through the transition into the Second Machine Age, liberating souls from a dependence on work to create capital. Founder of two successful technology companies. Experienced technical leader of large agile engineering teams at several Fortune 100 companies. Team member on several well-known commercial software applications and platforms deployed on hundreds of millions of desktops. Attributed contributor to dozens of technical patents, books, & conferences.

Career Highlights:
  • Software Engineer at Microsoft, Windows build team, 96→99
  • Software Development Manager at Dell, Enterprise Software, 00→08
  • Co-Founder/CTO at Devfarm Software, 08→12
  • VP of Engineering at Fujitsu, North America Software, 13→15
  • Founder/CEO at Positronic, 15→∞

justin hofer, Chief Data Scientist

Worked on AI/Big Data projects. Responsible for taking projects from concept to data collection to implementation. Worked with Keras and Apache Spark, utilizing tools such as Neural Nets, LSTMs, and Tree Ensemble Models.


charles kyle, Chief Engineer

With more than 20 years in the industry, Charles's journey in Software Engineering spans the early days of enterprise development (Access, Visual Basic, & Oracle), through to advanced early tech (C & C++), through the managed code revolution (Java & C#), ultimately to modern day full-stack application frameworks (React & Angular) built on the basic compilation building blocks (TypeScript → Javascript) of modern web applications.

Being deeply fluent in both relational (SQL) and big data (Mongo) repos as well as streaming data services (Redis) is what enables Charles to build & support the requisite infrastructure for orchestrating and ultimately surfacing the value of the models that the data science team builds.

Technology Mastery: Python, NodeJS, C#, NGINX, Kubernetes, Linux