Design, Train, and Deploy Predictive and Generative AI with “NO CODE”

LIT AI: Setting the Standard in AI Technology

LIT AI is at the forefront of AI innovation, offering a groundbreaking platform that is industry-agnostic. Our platform enables companies to create AI models effortlessly using drag-and-drop technology, opening up endless opportunities in equity trading, healthcare, business solutions, and entertainment; the possibilities are endless.


Make informed trading decisions with our real-time predictive AI tools. Analyze historical, current, and emerging market trends. Optimize your trading strategies using the lightning-fast analytical power of Artificial Intelligence.


LIT AI solutions can be deployed in healthcare to more efficiently triage patients, improve the accuracy of disease diagnoses, development of more efficacious pharmacological solutions, and improve clinical outcomes.

Business Solutions

LIT AI can help businesses optimize operations, customer service, inventory management, sales forecasting, and uncover new consumer insights

Unveiling the Future with LIT AI: The Dawn of No-Code AI Revolution

As the first no-code AI tool, LIT AI is the harbinger of a massive productivity revolution. LIT AI automates 90% of the workflow required to train and deploy predictive AI models. While LIT AI’s primary benefits streamline and enhance your AI processes, the under-the-hood features set it apart.

Pioneering Productivity

In traditional AI modeling, the vast amount of code, iterations, and technical intricacies often deter many from exploring its full potential. LIT AI eradicates this barrier.

As the first no-code AI tool, it democratizes access to advanced AI capabilities, allowing even those without a coding background to delve deep into AI modeling. This opens the doors for an unprecedented productivity surge, where what used to take months to years can now be achieved in mere days or weeks.

Automated Excellence

With LIT AI, 90% of the typically tedious workflow associated with training and deploying AI models is automated. This isn’t just about efficiency but accuracy, consistency, and scalability.

By automating the lion’s share of the process, LIT AI ensures that models are trained with precision and rigor that’s hard to achieve manually, leading to more reliable and impactful AI outcomes.

Streamlined and Supercharged

The primary advantages of LIT AI are evident in its seamless user experience and its robust capabilities. From intuitive drag-and-drop features to comprehensive model testing tools, LIT AI has been meticulously crafted to amplify your AI endeavors. LIT AI is optimized to tackle even the most intricate AI challenges while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

The Distinctive Edge

Our under-the-hood features truly elevate LIT AI from other AI platforms. These profound tools, such as Prediction Insight and Prediction Compare, have been woven into its fabric, ensuring that every user, whether a seasoned AI expert or a newbie, has access to features that can provide a competitive advantage.

Industries We Serve

Elevating No-Code AI to Unprecedented Heights

In the rapidly evolving landscapes of Fintech, Retail, Healthcare, and Business Solutions, the need for advanced, efficient, and reliable AI has never been more acute. LIT AI stands unparalleled as the foremost no-code training AI platform tailored to address the unique challenges of these industries. It empowers businesses to harness the potential of AI without the intricacies of coding, driving innovation at an unprecedented pace.

Don’t just adapt; lead with LIT AI. Experience the future of Fintech, Retail, Healthcare, and Business Solutions now.  Choose LIT AI and redefine your industry standards today.

Predictive & Generative Deep Learning Modeling FAQs

LIT AI is an advanced no-code AI platform that empowers businesses across various sectors, including Fintech, Business Solutions, and Healthcare, to create and deploy AI models effortlessly. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and industry-specific solutions set it apart in the AI market.
LIT AI delivers tools tailored for the Business Solutions sector, enabling real-time consumer insights, predicting purchasing trends, optimizing inventory management, and enhancing customer experiences. It aims to elevate Business Solutions operations, drive sales, and boost profitability.
No-coding predictive modeling allows users to develop and deploy AI models without writing code. Users can upload data, select algorithms, and generate predictive outcomes through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making the process streamlined and accessible even for those without a technical background.
LIT AI provides actionable tools for financial professionals, offering real-time insights for market analysis, strategy optimization, and maximizing investment returns. Its capabilities allow for a deeper understanding of market nuances without coding expertise.
In Healthcare, LIT AI aids in rapidly creating AI models for disease diagnostics, outcome predictions, and operational efficiency. By leveraging LIT AI, medical professionals can streamline processes, provide more accurate patient care, and accelerate groundbreaking medical research.