Starter Instance

Designed for new users of the AWS platform, this virtual machine is best suited for uploading and preparing data sets for small AI projects.

Basic Instance

An entry level machine good for your first projects with AI. Many smaller projects won’t need to expand past this level. If you don’t know what machine you will need, this is a great choice.

Pro Instance

A step up from the basic machine, able to handle multiple simultaneous AI projects, or for faster iteration of a single project. Users that make AI a core part of their business will likely graduate to this machine.

Advanced Instance

A heavy duty machine for the largest AI tasks. For datasets and models that are simply too large to fit on a smaller machine, this is where you will need to go.

AWS Model m6id.xlarge
vCPUs 4
Memory (GB) 16
GPUs 0
AWS $0.24
Lit $0.12
AWS Model g5.24xlarge
vCPUs 96
Memory (GB) 384
GPUs 4
AWS $8.14
Lit $4.05
AWS Model g5.48xlarge
vCPUs 192
Memory (GB) 768
GPUs 8
AWS $16.29
Lit $8.10
AWS Model p4de.24xlarge
vCPUs 96
Memory (GB) 1152
GPUs 8
AWS $40.96
Lit $20.32


Instance Type
Lit Cost:
AWS Cost:
Total Cost: