Positronic had the pleasure of working hand-in-hand with client John Cage Enterprises, a talent recruiting consultant firm based in the St. Louis area, to help their team become more effective, efficient, and accurate in their work. One of our most recent projects was to create an artificial intelligence powered talent recruitment platform.


Improve talent recruitment process and candidate selection for recruiting consultants working to manage 50,000+ positions each year. Human resource professionals and talent recruiters lose hours each day performing research to find the best candidates to fill their open positions.


The Positronic team worked on behalf of client John Cage and his team of recruiting consultants at John Cage Enterprises to develop a machine learning talent recruitment platform known as TalentHutt. TalentHutt vastly improves both recruiter productivity and the quality of the candidates by leveraging machine learning technology and predictive analytics.

Our team at Positronic worked with the team at John Cage Enterprises to develop a tool to assist the company’s recruiters in both their research and decision making processes.

Leveraging machine learning and predictive analytics, the platform improves the quality of hiring match by accurately predicting candidates’ future performance. The platform increases productivity of recruiting professionals by providing them with a pool of qualified job candidates along with a data-rich profile and contact information for those candidates.

  • Streamlining Recruiter Research: In order to streamline recruiter research time, the platform was designed to scout the internet and various jobs databases to find potential talent to fill open roles. In many cases, this reduces the research process per candidate from up to 15 minutes down to just milliseconds.
  • Finding Qualified Candidates: TalentHutt provides recruiters with a pool of qualified job candidates along with a data-rich profile and contact information for those candidates.
  • Improving Candidate Selection, Reducing Turnover: TalentHutt then assists recruiters in determining which candidates would be the best fit for an open position.

The system assists recruiters in their decision making process by giving candidates a green, yellow or red light, based on its own ranking algorithm – which takes a candidate’s full data profile into consideration. Data points such as an applicant’s likelihood to change residence, their distance from the potential employment location, educational and employment history can all be used to predict the likelihood of candidate success within an organization. Recruiters can take that feedback into consideration when choosing which candidates to pursue. Additional features allow recruiters to facilitate interviews, record them and share them with their team for immediate and future consideration of candidates.


John Cage and his team of recruiting professionals have been utilizing TalentHutt with their clients for more than 3 years. It has been leveraging the newer predictive hiring tools for more than 6 months. One client in particular employs more than 50,000 employees nationwide and has a near-constant need for qualified talent. This client served as their initial beta client utilizing TalentHutt in recruiting efforts.

The company reports that hiring accuracy has improved from 50% to more than 70%, resulting in a 40% reduction in employee turnover. The system has also helped the organization realize between just under $500,000 each year in systems and staffing costs, but to John, the real story is in the productivity.

“We think of TalentHutt as something akin to an Iron Man suit,” said Cage, “When used correctly, it’s a tool that makes the average recruiter 5 times more powerful. It’s truly super-human.”

With the success of TalentHutt in application for the John Cage Enterprises clients, Cage and Vierck are now making the tool available for organizations worldwide. Interested organizations are invited to learn more at TalentHutt.

Positronic specializes in making businesses perform better and faster through strategic implementation of technology. Is there an area of your business that you need to up your game to stay competitive?


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