AI and deep learning bring retail companies momentous insights on customers and profound new ways to support improved customer experience. Artificial intelligence can bring ease of personalization, enhanced logistics and more sustainable manufacturing processes optimized for less waste. The potential of AI tools to improve processes from the supply chain to the storefront drives efficiencies and speed, critical to keeping retail companies competitive.

Sentiment analysis, emotion detection, visual search, personalization and recommendations are all use cases where deep learning can add huge amounts of value. Intelligent task automation, support for demand forecasting and better resource allocation are other areas where AI and deep learning can impact operating models for retailers. These use cases can make retailers more efficient, resilient and better able to serve customers.

Graphic showing how AI can benefit retail consumers.
Woman interacting with AI for business systems.


Customer behavior is becoming increasingly complex and evolving more rapidly than ever. Data analytics in media and entertainment represents huge opportunities for companies who are prepared to invest.

Using data analytics allows companies like Google, Amazon, and Netflix to understand and create value for customers by presenting content that they like and is relevant to them.

Near term opportunities:

  • Better Recommendation Engines
  • Personalized advertising
  • Real-time predictive modeling for anticipating demand

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