When called upon Positronic has been proud to serve, providing expertise and advice to all branches of the United States armed services and their contractors.

Ongoing advances in artificial Intelligence (AI) “will change society and, ultimately, the character of war.” (2018 National Defense Strategy)

Last Spring Positronic sent their data science leadership team to participate in the USTRANSCOM Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Roundtable with senior military leaders. The roundtable was held at in the Duane Cassidy Conference Center on the Scott Air Force Base. We contributed to discussions of data environments, identifying applications, and defining foundational requirements in terms of standardization and governance.

The DOD must leverage artificial intelligence and automation quickly and decisively to enable U.S. forces to operate more effectively and efficiently. Appropriately harnessed, through strategically-focused intent and effort, AI could become our greatest offset – alternatively, lacking vision and direction it could become a strategic deficit. (2018 DOD AI Strategy)